APP Changelog January 14, 2020

v2.2.3 (Jan 2020)

  • The registered/logged in username is trimmed to prevent the user from copying the paste with spaces
  • Adjust the height of the data drop-down box when editing rules to prompt the drop-down box for scrolling content
  • Fixed a bug in the charts subtitle date
  • Trigger alerts are also applied to change the color of the map
  • The trigger log’s trigger data has also been added units
  • Add a new page where the user can customize the field name of the channel
  • Add channel independent time zone

v2.2.2 (Dec 2019)

  • APP UI design update
  • Top navigation redesign
  • Move the function button to the top right corner of the page
  • List/mappages add trigger alert
  • Addtime zone switch
  • Fixed the bug that eth version not actually configured to DNS parameters