Please note the Offline Tools are for professional use only. We recommend you use our App to setup the device as it’s easier to follow with animated guides to assist you.

    1. How to set up the device using the PC Offline Tools?

1) Download the UbiBot PC Offline Tools from
2) Launch the PC Offline Tools, register if needed, and log in. With your device switched off, connect it to your computer via the Micro-USB cable provided. Then switch the device on.
3) On the setup page, click the serial number of the device you wish to setup on the left side of the page. Now on the right side of the screen choose the correct WiFi network, enter the password and any other details. Click “Save” to connect the WiFi. Finally click “Activate” to complete the setup.

    1. I just tried to activate my device using a PC, but I keep seeing a “Failed Activation” popup?

If the activation failed, go through the activation procedure again and confirm that you selected the correct WiFi for the environment. Then ensure that you have entered the correct password for that WiFi network. Click Save and try activating your device again.


    1. I am activating my device using a PC, but I see a popup that says “Switch to WiFi Mode”. What should I do?

You will see this notification if you connect a new device to your PC when it is switched on. You should connect the device while it is switched off and power it on after it is connected to the computer. This is because a new device (or a device that has been reset) automatically enters WiFi setup mode when it is connected.

    1. How to export the data via the PC Offline Tools?

Launch the App and log in. Connect the device to your computer via the USB cable provided. Select your device on the left side, then you are able to export your data by clicking the tap below.

Please note. If your device is working properly and has access to your WiFi, you will see the exported file is empty. Only when the data sync failed casued by unavailable WiFi, the data will be stored in the internal memory.