Get Channels September 29, 2017


The Get Channels call will return a JSON object listing the metadata for every channel associated with a user. In the majority of cases each channel is a separate sensor device.


HTTP Method


URL Parameters

Name Type Required Description
account_key or token_id String Required Specify the API write key or read key of the channel, or the token_id obtained after the user logged in.


200 Success. The message body contains a JSON object listing the metadata for all channels associated with the specified user.

Error: See the separate list of error codes for more details.

Useful Data Fields

  • last_values: contains JSON string of latest sensor readings
  • name: channel name
  • field1, field2….field10:  corresponding sensor names
  • last_entry_date:  the time when the device last connected to the platform.



The response is a JSON object containing a list of channels with their associated metadata. For example: