The device will continue working without a network connection and can store over 300,000 readings in its memory. Real-time readings are displayed on screen and you can access the data in the following ways:
1) Move the device to an area where there is a WiFi connection which the device can connect to. Press the button to trigger a manual data sync. The indicator should flash green for a few seconds. You can now take the device back to the measurement location (Recommended). In this situation you won’t benefit from the automatic alert functions.
2) Use your mobile phone and enable Internet Connection Sharing. This can work well in situations where your devices are installed in an area with limited or no WiFi coverage.
3) Use a Windows laptop and the Micro USB cable to connect to the device manually. You can now perform a data export to your computer using the PC Offline Tools.
4) Set it up with a mobile data card*. Once you are in range of the network, press the power button once to sync all data with the IoT platform.
*Depending on the specific model purchased.