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How does UbiBot ® work?

UbiBot ® offers a revolutionary way to monitor environmental conditions where they matter. The sensors synchronise with our UbiBot ® IoT Platform using WiFi (no expensive separate hub). You can then access your data from anywhere via smartphone or the web. 
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UbiBot ® WS1

This WiFi enabled device continually monitors temperature, humidity and more. The WS1 will give you insights into conditions in your home, office or factory.

UbiBot ® WS1 Pro

This advanced device is packed with sensors and features a large LCD screen. GPRS and WiFi connectivity allow you to use it anywhere with a mobile signal.
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UbiBot ® IoT Platform

The IoT platform can be accessed from anywhere using the UbiBot ® smartphone App, or via the web. It automates data storage and analysis and allows you to set real-time alerts.

Prominent Features of the Platform-based Ubibot App

Multi-channel Configurable Alerts

Multi-channel Configurable Alerts

Real-time alerts for peace of mind

Setting Icon   Advanced Alert Options

Like a good night's sleep? Choose the times an alert is active so you aren't disturbed.

Multiple Mods   Multiple Channels

UbiBot ® offers multiple channels to receive alerts. From email and voice to in-app notifications and SMS messages.

A Virtual Guardian   A Virtual Guardian

Our alert service monitors your devices remotely. Receive alerts if any metric goes outside the range you set.

  Online Monitoring

We alert you as soon as any device goes offline. Remember that our devices still record data when offline, so you won't lose any readings.

Data Sharing

Designed to make your life easier

Clock Monitoring Icon   Around the Clock Monitoring

Share your devices with colleagues, friends or family. Let others help monitor what's happening.

Real Time Observations   Real-time Observations

Use the App to view the real-time conditions. Choose who to share the measurements with.

Shared Alerts   Shared Alerts

When sharing your device with another person you can also choose to add them to any alerts you have set up. Ideal for on-call team members.

Manage Data in One Place   Manage Data in One Place

The UbiBot ® App gives you a single place to manage data sharing and gives you a view of who previously had access to the data.

Data Sharing App