IFTTT Webhooks Integration with UbiBot Trigger Alerts and UbiHTTP

This example demonstrates how to integrate the IFTTT Webhooks with UbiBot platform.  You will need t…… More

January 20, 2019

Wi-Fi Setup Requirements

Please note UbiBot WS1 and WS1PRO cannot connected to 5 GHz only networks. When checking your networ…… More

December 1, 2018

How do I access the Admin screen on my router?

Common IP Addresses Your router's default IP Address may also be found in your documentation, which…… More

December 1, 2018

What should I do if the WiFi connection fails?

Please make sure that your WiFi router has a working network connection using other devices. If th…… More

November 30, 2018

Install the UbiBot ® App

Download the App by following the appropriate link from www.ubibot.io/setup. Or search for …… More

November 27, 2018

Why are my device Temperature readings not accurate?

Please note: The device may temporarily show inaccurate temperatures during and after initial W…… More

November 25, 2018

Register an account

Please follow the onscreen instructions to register an account with your email. Please make…… More

November 13, 2018

Get access to the platform without subscriptions

There is no need of subscription to use the UbiBot Platform. Each device comes with the free plan o…… More

November 13, 2018

What is the battery life of the WS1?

When using high performance alkaline batteries, the WS1 gives 6 months continuous use with a 15 minu…… More

November 13, 2018

My device isn’t synchronising with the IoT platform. Why?

Please check the following things: Check that the device is powered on. Press the button an…… More

November 13, 2018