UbiBot® GS1

Industrial Grade

Wirless Environmental Sensing Solution

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Embedded RJ45*, worry-free network connection

To offer more stable network connection and ensure constant data synchronisation, the GS1 device is integrated with RJ45 interface*. For environments without WiFi network, the Ethernet cable offers you another option to access wireless data monitoring. RJ45 connection

* Depending on the specific model purchased.

Tailored solutions, fits in business customers

The UbiBot GS1 is specially designed for industrial usage. To ensure better connection and higher performance, we use large capacity lithium battery for long standby time, integrate external antenna for stable WiFi connection, and embed the device with RS485 interface for multiple types of external probes.
External antenna
Type-C/2A power supply
2900mA lithium battery
Waterproof & dustproof
Wireless access
Multi-modes of notification alerts
constant LCD backlight
Highly accurate sensors
Support various RS485 probes
Cloud storage

Extensive use, more than you can imagine

Built-in RS485 interface, GS1 supports multiple probes that can be used in various industry fields. The large and clear LCD screen supports display of the external probe readings in order when more than one probes connected.

temperature sensor with external probes

Lithium battery powered, longer standby time

To offer business customers a more suitable solution, we use 2900 mAh lithium battery for the GS1 device. Combined with low-power technology, the device has longer standby time for constant monitoring. It can be charged by type-C USB cable with 2A input, fast and time-saving. Rechargeable battery is also more environmental-friendly.

Device connected to the network, data available at your fingertips

The GS1 device can connect to the network via RJ45 Ethernet cable as well as WiFi and mobile data. It measures environmental data in 24/7 at the custom pace you set. Then it uploads and stores them securely in the private channels on UbiBot platform. No matter where you are, you can view the sensor readings anytime on our app or the web console.

Cloud-based temperature and humidity monitor

* Depending on the specific model purchased.


Length: 59.8'' (152mm)

Height: 35.4'' (90mm)

Width: 21.6'' (55mm)

Weight: 479g ± 3g

Screen: 4'' LCD with backlight

Sensing Range: Temperature -4℉ to 140℉(-20℃ to 60℃), Humidity 10% to 90%

Accuracy: temperature: ±0.3℃, humidity: ±3% RH, ambient light: ±2%

GSM Band*: 900/1800MHz

3G Band*: CDMA(BC0)

LTE Band*: LTE FDD (B1/B3/B5/B8);LTE TDD(B34/B38/B39/B40 /B41);WCDMA (B1/B8);TD-SCDMA (B34/B39)

Power Source: built-in lithium batteries or Type-C, DC (5V-12V)

Battery Life: depends on specific model

Compatibility: iOS 11+, Android 8.1+, or Windows 7+,or OS X v10.8+

On-board Memory: 300,000 sensing records

Ports: 1 x RS485*

Network: supports WiFi, GPRS / 3G / 4G, RJ45 Ethernet cable*

WiFi Channel Width: supports 20MHz or "Auto" setting

WiFi Security: supports OPEN, WEP, or WPA/WPA2 types, WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x/RADIUS authentication) network is not supported.

WiFi: requires 2.4GHz (802.11 b/g/n), channels 1-13 network (5GHz WiFi is NOT supported)

① The sensor precision might fluctuate slightly in actual usage because of enviroment condition, deployed position, etc. See user guide for detailed parameters.

② The quoted battery life was tested using VARTA industrial batteries under stable signal conditions with default synchronisation and sampling settings. For more details, please click here.

*Depending on the specific model purchased.

Compare the three models

To fit different demands of various use cases, the GS1 was designed to three versions: WiFi only, WiFi and SIM card, WiFi and RJ45 cable. Each of them are unique but also share the same high performance.

International Certificates

UbiBot devices have received multiple certifications, including CE, FCC, IC, RCM and RoHS. We also comply with all relevant standards for GSM and WiFi devices. Compliance with these regulations enables UbiBot devices to be sold in many major markets including the US and EU. We are actively seeking additional certifications in order to further widen our market.
server room temperature monitoring
use cases of industrial temperature sensor
warehouse environment monitor
temperature logger in cold room
hygrometer for grow room
wireless thermometer in timber factory